Sage Gateshead

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J A Hall

Too many 
great nights
to single out.

Gary Edgar 480X400
Gary Edgar
Steven Riddle

A haven from 
a made world.

4 – Opportunities For Young People
Zahara Ali
7 – A Former Girlfriend Took Me To A Rock Concert
Joan Brown
14 – Joy Division Revisited
Edward Philo
Kelly Enderwick

They installed
a zip-wire
across the

Emily James

No other
venue can

The Memorable The Iconic The Classic
Joyce Bowman
A Music Venue For Everyone
Michael Petherick
Sambusada From Indonesia
Alys Kordbarlag
Alan Gill

The northern
spirit and

Ted Watt

and such a 
varied offering, 
something for 
every taste.

Clarence Adoo MBE

Music can transform people.

We're changing our name
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Sam Clark
Sam Clark
Geoff Thompson - World
Geoff Thompson
Jo Thornton

Caribou was the first partially standing gig after lockdown. Everyone was ecstatic throughout.

Jasmine Oakes - Tuba Man
Jasmine Oakes
Judith Mason

It’s as much as part of the landscape here as the Tyne Bridge.

Wendy Holland - Rock Choir
Wendy Holland
Irene McLane

Wagner’s The Ring Cycle brought me to the opera.

Tim Cranfield

Performing Elgar’s The Kingdom here with my peers in my first year at university.

Louise Duff - Husband
Louise Duff
Jane Dube

Young people feel welcome and comfortable.

Geoff Thompson – Never been
Geoff Thompson
Roger Fern

It’s my building – that’s how it feels.

Tony King
Tony King
Simon Pallett

The online classes are great. My granddaughter has been joining in from Norwich.

Jessica – 10
Irene Soulsby

I’m a local lass and so proud to have something like this on my doorstep.

Graham Orchard - james brown
Graham Orchard